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Protein Interaction Coupling (PICO) Technology

Actome’s pioneering PICO technology enables a highly versatile and sensitive approach to detect and quantify single proteins and protein interactions by translating protein status into DNA barcodes using digital PCR technology.


Actome’s PICO assay kits, in combination with our bioinformatic AMULATOR software, enable innovative applications in the fields of:

  • Utmost sensitive protein biomarker detection
  • Cellular pathway analysis
  • Disruptive cancer research applications
  • Innovative assays for pharmaceutical research


PICO products are based on a digital assay concept and utilize QIAGEN’s digital PCR (dPCR) technology for readout. This unique approach results in the following powerful features:

  • Homogeneous assay - no washing required
  • Digital detection of individual molecules
  • Simultaneous detection of proteins, post translational modifications and interactions
  • Measurement in the native biological environment
  • Small input sample volume (down to 1 - 10 µL)
  • Femtomolar sensitivity


Actome’s PICO technology empowers QIAGEN’s QIAcuity Digital PCR Systems to measure proteins and protein interactions. This enables novel assays and provides advantages over established technologies.

  • Higher sensitivity
  • More convenient workflow
  • Only one instrument required
  • Application note

  • Less input material required
  • Higher sensitivity
  • No target enrichment required

  • Multi-omics approaches targeting proteins and RNA
  • Detection of post-translational modifications
  • Absolute quantification of proteins

The PICO Workflow


Together with QIAGEN and your preferred antibody supplier (you can find antibodies and suppliers e.g. on antibodypedia), Actome offers all you need to analyse proteins and protein interactions in full detail. Click on the images below to learn more about our products that are offered in our Webshop!

  • Sample volumes down to 1 µL
  • Target is analysed in its native environment
  • Any liquid sample
  • Measure proteins and protein interaction
  • Select and use your own antibody pair for each target
  • Monoclonal as well as polyclonal antibodies
  • Femtomolar sensitivity

  • Conjugation and loading of antibodies with PICO labels
  • Assay kit sufficient for hundreds of dPCR reactions


  • Digital molecularly sensitive assay using labeled antibodies
  • No washing
  • Zero background


  • QIAcuity dPCR system used for readout
  • Detection of up to 5 different PICO Labels simultaneously

  • Personal cloud-based workspace
  • Online analysis software
  • Free registration

  • Absolute number of proteins detected
  • Direct graphical output of data
  • Basic statistical evaluation

PICO Resources

Want to learn more about our PICO Technology? Please read "The PICO Handbook" and the "FAQ" or visit the "Additional Resources" for more information.

Our Vision and Mission

We at Actome believe that the comprehensive understanding of the human proteome and interactome is paramount for molecular biological research and will result in pharmaceutical innovations and novel personalized therapies. We are committed to improve science and molecular diagnostics by robust and innovative products.

The CEOs Csaba Jeney and Peter Koltay explain their vision


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