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Revolutionize Your Protein Quantification Approach

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Actome's PICO kits, together with AMULATOR, our data analysis software, allow groundbreaking applications in the areas of:

  • Ultra-sensitive protein biomarker detection
  • Cellular pathway analysis
  • Disruptive cancer research applications
  • Innovative assays for pharmaceutical research


PICO products are based on a digital assay concept and utilize digital PCR (dPCR) technology for readout. This unique approach results in the following powerful features:

  • Absolute quantification of proteins, protein interactions, and post-translational modifications (see app note)
  • Small input sample requirement (down to 0.5 µL or a few hundred cells)
  • Femtomolar sensitivity
  • Homogeneous, wash-free workflow
  • Digital detection of individual protein molecules
  • Measurement in the native biological environment

How does PICO work?

The PICO workflow has four major steps:

  1. Antibody Labeling: Conjugation of antibodies with unique DNA oligonucleotides (PICO Labels).
  2. PICO Assay: Mixing and incubation of the lysed biological sample with the labeled antibodies.
  3. dPCR Reaction:  Amplification of the PICO Labels on the antibodies with digital PCR.
  4. Data Analysis: Conversion of the raw dPCR data into protein concentration using AMULATOR


Actome's PICO technology empowers the advantages of digital PCR into the world of proteins. PICO aims to replace traditional technologies such as western blot, co-immunoprecipitation (coIP), and ELISA, and allows the development of innovative novel protein assays

  • Superior sensitivity
  • Measure absolute amounts of your protein
  • More convenient workflow
  • Only one instrument required
  • Read our application note

  • Small input material required
  • Higher sensitivity
  • No target enrichment required
  • Wash-free workflow

  • Detection and quantification of extracellular vesicles (EVs)
  • Quantification of post-translational modifications
  • Multi-omics approaches targeting proteins

Sample to Result

Actome, in collaboration with your preferred antibody supplier, provides everything required for a comprehensive analysis of your targets. Explore the PICO products offered in our webshop.

  • Sample volumes down to 1 µL
  • Measurement in the native environment
  • Cells, tissue & any liquid biological samples
  • Quantify proteins, protein interactions and post-translational modifications
  • Use your own antibody pair
  • Monoclonal as well as polyclonal antibodies

PICO Antibody Purification (AP) Kit

  • Labeling of antibodies with PICOglue Labels
  • Robust & highly efficient PICOglue labeling technology

PICOglue Antibody Labeling (gAL) Kit
PICOglue Labels

  • Digital assay with femtomolar sensitivtiy
  • Wash-free workflow
  • Zero background

PICO Amplification Core (AMC) Kit
PICO Probes

  • QIAcuity Digital PCR System for readout
  • Multiplexing: analyze up to 4 different PICOglue Labels simultaneously

AMULATOR actome.de
  • Online analysis software
  • Personal cloud-based workspace
  • Free registration

  • Absolute quantification of targets
  • Direct graphical output of data
  • Basic statistical

PICO Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you utilize the PICO technology. These services include the Antibody Quality Control to assess your own PICOglue-labeled antibodies, the hassle-free Antibody Labeling Service to conjugate antibodies of your choice with PICOglue labels, and the development of Custom PICO Assays tailored to your specific needs. Additionally we offer to label your antibodies with Custom DNA Labels.

PICO Antibody Quality Control Service PICO Antibody Labeling Service PICO Custom Assay Development Service Custom DNA Oligo Conjugation Service

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