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PICOglue Antibody Labeling

The PICOglue Antibody Labeling technology is a cutting-edge method for the conjugation of antibodies with DNA oligonucleotides. This innovative technique ensures the best quality and results for high-standard PICO measurements. PICOglue is specifically designed to provide exceptional performance in antibody labeling for the precise and sensitive measurement of proteins, protein interactions and post-translational modifications with PICO.

PICOglue Technology

The first step in every PICO assay is labeling antibodies. DNA oligonucleotides need to be attached to the antibodies to make them detectable in a digital PCR. Our PICOglue technology provides an easy, robust, and high-quality method for antibody labeling. The PICOglue Antibody Labeling Kit and PICOglue Labels are specifically designed to deliver the best results possible. Labeling can be easily done in your own lab, and the labeled antibodies will have:

  • Labeling efficiency up to 100%
  • Long-term stability of > 6 months
  • Efficient removal of free/unbound PICOglue labels

The labeling process works with every IgG antibody, regardless of the host or whether it's monoclonal or polyclonal. The process takes three days, with a minimum hands-on time of about three hours, during which the antibodies are deglycosylated, azides are attached, and then the PICOglue Labels are added. Finally, after rebuffering, the concentration of the labeled antibodies is determined by a dPCR run.

You can use the PICOglue Antibody Labeling Kit to label up to four antibodies with four different PICOglue Labels yourself. Alternatively, we offer a labeling service where we select the antibodies with you, perform the labeling, and quality control in our lab.

But did you know that the labeling is not limited to PICOglue Labels? We also offer the superior PICOglue technology as a service to label antibodies with custom DNA Labels! Find more information here and contact us for more details.