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Upcoming events

We are pleased to announce our participation in several upcoming events. You are welcome to join any of these events and we look forward to connecting with you there.


BioValley Companies Day 2023SolarInfoCenter, Freiburg, DEMay, 9th
BIOSS celebrates Signalling ResearchHörsaal Biology 1, Freiburg, DEJuly, 17th - 18th
Ilmac 2023Messe Basel, CHSeptember, 26th - 28th
SFI & DGfIPalais de la Musique et des Congrès, Strasbourg, FRSeptember, 26th - 29th
EMBL Proteomics in cell biology and diseases mechanismsEMBL, Heidelberg, DEOctober, 25th - 27th


Visit us at ilmac 2023