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Kickstart Your PICO Assays with our PICO Services

The PICO technology is an ultra-sensitive immunoassay to quantify low-abundant proteins, protein interactions, and post-translational modifications using dPCR technology. If you don’t have the capacity or the equipment to perform the PICO experiments on your own take advantage of our PICO Services

We offer a range of services to help you utilize the PICO technology. If you don't have access to high sensitivity SDS-PAGE, we can help you with the Quality Control your own PICOglue-labeled antibodies. We also provide hassle-free Antibody Labeling Services to label your own antibodies with your selected PICOglue Labels. In addition we offer to set up a complete PICO assay for you with all the optimizations taken care of. 

Our services are designed to kickstart your own PICO experiments. 

Discover our detailed offerings below and contact us to get a quote!

PICO Antibody Labeling Service PICO Custom Assay Development Custom Oligonucleotide Antibody Labeling